Message from Dorothy Chan, Hon Fellow CILT

Global Chairperson, Global Advisor, Women in Logistics and Transport



Dear members of WiLAT,


At the CILT Annual Convention held between 16 and 18 June 2019 in Manchester, UK, I have accepted appointment as the second Global Chairperson of WiLAT and at the same time carrying out the role of WiLAT Global Advisor.  This is a transitional arrangement and the next step is for Gayani de Alwis to become the third Global Chairperson from July 2020 onwards.


As your Global Advisor in the past several years, I am fully aware of all the efforts that we have put in to make WiLAT what it is today.  We are now in 22 Territories with over 3,000 members and friends.  Our governance structure has become more closely knitted under a WiLAT Steering Committee with regional Global Vice Chairpersons.  Our Deputy Global Chairperson has developed a professionally managed website to capture our events and our publication ‘We Inspire, We Impact’ is widely circulated.  In Manchester, we received exciting regional updates from our Vice Chairpersons and their ambitious development plans. 


I am mindful that we are all volunteers but we firmly hold the view that diversity and encouraging more female participation in our industry which is perceived to be male dominated will do the industry well.  We have now established a support network and as reflected in our WiLAT logo, great team work.  I greatly treasure the opportunity now given to me to work closely with you and our enduring partnerships will enable us to achieve long lasting results.


Finally, allow me to express my well wishes to all of you and my tribute to Aisha Ibrahim, a lady whom I respect and admire, and is now given the opportunity to follow her footstep to pursue our common goal in encouraging female participation in our industry and to create impact. 

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