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Composition of the Managing Committee of WiLAT Mauritius

The Management Committee, which is constituted, as follows will handle the affairs of WiLAT Mauritius in liaison with CILT Mauritius:

Matron : Her Excellency, Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakim,GCSK,CSK,PhD

Chairperson: Nazeema Seelarbokus

Vice Chairperson : Meenakshi Bhirugnath-Bhookhun

Secretary : Oomadevi Rajagopall

Assistant Secretary : Sushila Munusami

Treasurer : Reshma Lalsing

Assistant Treasurer Janice Mundil

Committee Member: Kiran Shamloll

Committee Member : Nomita Seebaluck

Committee Member : Nilum Bhoobun

Committee Member : Mantee Kulponauth

Committee Member : Shabneez Esmael


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