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Strategic Workshop of WiLAT for the year 2019/20 & World Environmental Day & Ocean Day Celebration

Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) Sri Lanka; the women’s forum of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Sri Lanka (CILTSL) held a strategic workshop on the 8th of June 2019 at the Freightlink board room, for the purpose of drawing the plan of WiLAT SL for coming year 2019/2020. The workshop commenced with a short awareness and knowledge sharing session conducted by renowned environmentalist Dr. Ajantha Perera, to commemorate the World Environment Day that is celebrated globally on 5th June and the World Ocean Day that is celebrated on 8th June.

Dr. Ajantha shared her experience as an environmentalist and delivered her speech in an inspiring note which made the audience to rethink about the valuable natural resources which are being consumed each day but often being forgotten by humans, to be thankful for or to try to preserve. It was stressed out in her speech, the fact that humans should start to take the responsibility of their actions and work towards reducing the environmental pollution soon as possible. Her presentation then was mainly focused on the theme air pollution, following the theme of World Environment Day 2019 – “Beat the Air Pollution”.

It was highlighted that sustainability must be the underlying theme of all the operations carried out in logistics and transport industry as well as the basis of any strategy CILT or WiLAT.

The Secretary Amra Zareer briefed Dr. Ajantha on CILT and WiLAT including the activities in the past. CILT Chairperson and WiLAT Advisor Gayani De Alwis also briefed the forum on the purpose and objectives of the Strategic Planning Workshop.

WiLAT Chairperson Gayathri Karunanayaka identified the strategic teams for the upcoming year under main 3 pillars of Branding & Sponsorship, Membership Services and Membership Development led by the Vice Chairpersons namely, Niroza Gazzali, Anomoa Ransinghe and Maithree Attanayaka respectively.

The teams developed strategies separately after a rigorous brainstorming session and presented their action plan for the coming financial year. The Treasure, Manjari Nigamuni was assigned to prepare the budget taking in to consideration the actions and events outlined.The Workshop was concluded successfully with teams pledging their support to take WiLAT to greater heights followed by networking and lunch.


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