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WiLAT delegation met with the President of Republic of Mauritius

During the meeting, the goals and developmental objectives of the WiLAT Mauritius were discussed, and the President assured Mrs. Seelarbokus of her support and promised that her office would facilitate future meetings to ensure that the Association’s mandate was fully established.

At the end of a fruitful meeting on the way forward for the development of WiLAT in Mauritius, Mrs. Seelarbokus presented a shield to Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim in recognition of her support as Matron of WiLAT Mauritius.

These pictures below demonstrate the fruitful interaction WiLAT Mauritius had with Her Excellency Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (President of the Republic of Mauritius).

Overall Objectives

Provide access to information sources on continuous professional development in logistics and transportTo create awareness on career opportunities in the industryProvide networking opportunities to share best practicesProvide training and mentoring opportunities. Continuously develop and nurture a talent pipeline for the industry and to drive change in industry for diversity

Action Plan (2016-2018)

In the pursuit of our mission, we intend to carry out the following activities over the period 2016 to 2018: May/June 2016 – Meeting of the Managing Committee to plan events, programmes and services that we are proposing for our members and external clients.May/June 2016 – Conducting an awareness campaign on WiLAT on the media with a view to creating awareness about WiLAT and increasing our membership base.May/June 2016 – Creating a linkage to the website of CILT Mauritius about WilAT Mauritius as well as disseminating information of WiLAT activities on the social media.July/August 2016 – Meeting with CEOs of transport and logistics companies and associations engaged in the welfare and empowerment of women to establish a collaborative relationship and network opportunities.September/October 2016 – Preparation and submission of a Paper on Road Traffic Accidents.November 2016 – Educational Tour to the port and airport.December 2016 – End of year dinner and retreat for members and issue of NewsletterFebruary 2017 – Participation in a job fair to advise youngsters on career opportunities in the logistics and transport sector.March 2017 – WilAT Mauritius celebrates first anniversary.April 2017 – Women in Logistics and Transport holds first AGM.June 2017 – Walk to create awareness and promote gender diversity in logistics and transport followed by health checks and organisation of a fitness exercise programme.July 2017 – Seminar on women empowerment.August 2017 – Visit to orphanages as a community relations programme.October 2017 – Presentation of a Paper on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled.December 2017 – End of year dinner /retreat for members and issue of Newsletter.January 2018 – Presentation on the History of Aviation by Mr Tristan Breville.February 2018 – Mentoring programmes for school leavers.March /April 2018-Technical visit to Rodrigues in collaboration with the Ministry of Rodrigues to make a survey of the transport system in the Island.May 2018 – Seminar on “Quality in the Transport Industry in Mauritius “in collaboration with the University of Technology ,MauritiusJune 2018 – Workshop and AGM.

In order to organise the above activities, we are making an earnest appeal to the Managing Committee of CILT Mauritius to earmark some funds for WilAT Mauritius.


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