Reality of Digitalisation




5 Weeks

About the Course

"Business as usual is dead. Increasingly, science fiction is becoming science fact. Exponential technologies are rapidly changing our lives and societies, every day, everywhere. We will need different skills, and we will need to get much better at driving change - or we will be driven by it. Most importantly, we should embrace technology but not become it. Anything that can be digitized or automated, will be - and anything that cannot be digitized or automated will become extremely valuable." By Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard

This five-week program is designed to provide the essential knowledge for executives who have to manage or engage in digitalization projects at work.

20th October 2021:
- Digitalization in Context Jon HARRIS, Education and PD Lead, CILT International

27th October 2021:
- Data Collection Technologies characteristics limitations MRTC Innovation Hub, Hong Kong

3rd November 2021:
- Deployment of Digitalization Program Hizmy HASSEN, Chief Digital Officer, Apollo Tyres, UK

10th November 2021:
- Cyber Security Jim FITZSIMMONS, Principal, Control Risks, Singapore
- Cyber Insurance Sophia KALLERGI, Head of Insurance Division, Pancreta Bank, Greece

17th November 2021:
- Emerging Data Technology in Transport and Logistics Space
- Intelligent Transport Operation Planning Giles PERKINS, WSP
- End Customer Facing Solutions, Forward Looking Jon HARRIS, Education and PD Lead, CILT International