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Sauteed bell peppers

By Gayani De Alwis

WiLAT Global Chairperson

- Bell Pepper 3(red green and yellow)
- Onions 3
- Pepper
- Turmeric
- Roasted curry powder
- salt
- curry leaves
- pure white coconut oil

1. Cut open the bell pepper and remove the seeds and cut thin strips
2. Cut the onions
3. Put tea spoon full of oil and fry the onions with curry leaves and start adding the spices. Once the onions become brown remove from the pan
4. Add half a tea spoon of oil and add the bell pepper to it, and allow it to get sautéd in oil. After about 5 minutes add the fried onion and mix it well with the bell pepper.
4. Keep it for few minutes and remove from the cooker and serve to a dish. You may garnish with some green leaf if you wish.
5. If you don’t want too much spices you may add a bit of sugar to taste while being sautéd.


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