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Message From the Chairperson

Dear members of WiLAT. I want to begin by thanking you all in entrusting me to serve as your Global Chairperson.

Women in supply chain, logistics and transport are contributing to the development of global trade and mobility of people in many ways. Our leadership team of Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) is a group of successful and impactful women who are committed to promote the status of women and to nurture the young professionals to excel in their career.

As Chairperson, I would very much like to listen to your views and to support each other. During the early part of 2023, we have made initial attempts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in workplaces. I want to foster this as one of our key initiatives to effect change. In 2023, we have also raised the employers’ awareness in engaging the differently abled people to our workforce. By introducing the differently abled people to the workplace, the energy of their mother will be unleashed and empowering them to endeavouring at work. It is the magic formular of “one plus one bigger than two”.

The predecessors of Global WiLAT chairs have laid the foundation structurally and geographically. This is the platform for us to “Spreading our Wings” and “Fly up High”.

I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead and finally, allow me to express my well wishes to all of you and my tribute to Aisha Ibrahim, Dorothy Chan and Gayani de Alwis for their unfailing support to WiLAT. For those who echo our vision will join force to deliver positive impact in the coming years.


Vicky Koo, FCILT

Global WiLAT Chairperson

July 2023 – June 2026

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