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WiLAT Capacity Building Centre (WCBC) is established with an aim to develop female and next generation leadership; and to encourage knowledge acquisition of the latest industry trends for advancement in our ever-changing world of supply chain, logistics and transport. The inaugural Head of the Centre, Vicky Koo is the Global Chairperson of WiLAT and has pioneered the CALF programme and graduated over a hundred young managers over the years. The inception of WCBC based upon the findings of a survey among members of CILT Hong Kong in 2018 which identified the need to come up with a sustainable capacity building program for female members. The precedent success of CALF programs launched by WiLAT Hong Kong since 2016 and the recent offering on the WiLAT Global platform.

The Current Head of the Centre Associate Professor Dr Catherine Lou, is the Global Vice Chairperson of WiLAT for Australasia, leading the team working towards female empowerment and together with next generation leadership. She has led course revitalisation and research projects, research training, published book/book chapters in the supply chain related field.  Dr Lou has a vision for WCBC to become the hub that empower our emerging and inspiring leaders with a passion of diversity and inclusion, and work towards sustainable growth via our robust learning programs

Capacity Building is critical to career success. WCBC was realized based on this priority as the vehicle for capacity building of WiLAT members. We thank IESC of CILT International sparing the effort to review and endorse our programs. Qualifying our programs for CILT International issued certifications is an endorsement to the quality of our programs. The Centre is member of WiLAT Steering Committee represented by the Head to ensure alignment with all WiLAT territorial interests and involvements.

Dr. Dorothy Chan, HFCILT, Past CILT International President (2014-2015), and Past WiLAT Global Chairperson (2019-2020) inaugurated WiLAT Global in 2013 has unveiled this dedicated WCBC webpage during WCBC’s inauguration ceremony on 25th June 2021. Special thanks to President of CILT Singapore Mr. Karmjit Singh’s unflagging support to WiLAT’s development; and providing WCBC the needed facilities, financial auditing and accounting compliance services.

Prof. Alan Waller, FCILT who supported the formation of WiLAT when he was the CILT International President (2010-2012) spoke at the ceremony to encourage women and young talents to embrace the industry changes and contribute with knowledge-based professionalism to bring our industry practices to a new height.

Global WiLAT Chairperson, Ms. Vicky Koo encourage all women and young talents to ride on this opportunity to equip themselves with knowledge and be ready for the career advancement to come.

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