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dayday330 is a year-round public mental well-being campaign organized by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. Embracing the Association's belief in fostering a holistic health on 330 (body (3), mind (3) and spirit (0) well-being, dayday330 adopted its first theme on a simple 330 break - encouraging every one of us to take a micro-break of at least 3 minutes 30 seconds every day. There has been research evidence to show that taking a micro-break everyday can reduce stress, relieve emotions and enhance well-being. We can choose to take a 330 break in different ways, such as having a mindful breathing exercise, listening to music, going for a walk, etc. In view of such, we would like to display the following items in the booth so as to remind people to take a daily 330 break by eating health food, doing mindfulness exercises and embracing a positive attitude. For more details, please visit:

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