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Highly acclaimed e- learning programme pioneered by The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Singapore

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At your own pace

On Demand Learning

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The SCPD Programme offers a full and comprehensive career development roadmap.

The programme comprises two levels, the Professional Certificate (four modules: SCPD01-04) and the Advanced Professional Certificate (four modules: SCPD05-08) Each e learning module is self paced and takes about two to three weeks to complete.

The SCPD Modules, progressively updated to keep abreast of advancements in the industry, have a substantial fit with the Skills Framework for Logistics published by SkillsFuture a Singapore Government initiative. Certificate holders are thus well prepared with the requisite Skills Maps and Competencies, and are future ready for the transforming industry in the global arena.

SCPD Modules are stackable and can be taken in any order at any time Each module can be taken separately for targeted learning and career development

The Syllabus for the Advanced Professional Certificate (SCPD05-08) addresses the knowledge competency for the Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) certification, exclusively awarded by CILT Singapore. CPL candidates taking the SCPD 05-08 modules can proceed to sit for the CPL Examination upon meeting eligibility conditions of work

experience and qualifications Successful candidates will be awarded the CPL certificate.


SCPD01-04: USD 350 per module

SCPD05-08: USD 560 per module

Special Package Offer: For those who have completed SCPD 01-04 they may purchase the full SCPD05-08 package at the discounted price of USD 1,850

Module fees are inclusive of the first attempt of each Module Examination


An Online Examination is conducted upon completion of each module. A digital Module Certificate from CILT Singapore and WiLAT is awarded on passing each Module Examination.


New entrants to the industry, professionals, logisticians, supervisors, executives, managers and department heads

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  • SCPD-01

    Managing Resources •Management Concepts and Functions •Strategic Management •Human Resource Management •Financial Management •Environment, Stakeholders, Information Systems and Marketing • Ethical Issues and Legal Framework

  • SCPD-02

    Managing Transport & Logistics Environment •Logistics and Distribution •Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain •International Logistics and Modal Choice •Logistics Networks and Outsourcing •Customer Service and Logistics •Information and Communication Technology •HR Planning, Change Management and Budgets

  • SCPD-03

    Warehouse Management •Roles and Functions of Warehousing •Pick Preparation and Order Picking Methods •Storage Systems and Material Handling Equipment •Stock Management, Replenishment to Despatch and Beyond •Warehouse Layout •Warehouse Pricing and Costing •Health, Safety and the Environment

  • SCPD-04

    Customer Service and Quality •Customer Service •Customer Relations •Enhancing Customer Service •Quality Management •Quality Assurance & Control •Quality in Logistics

  • SCPD-05

    Supply Chain Management •Key Issues and Strategies in Supply Chain Management •Customer Value • Warehousing & Material Handling •Procurement •Integrated Supply Chains •Supply Chain Technology •Supply Chain Risks

  • SCPD-06

    IT and E-Commerce • E Logistics Introduction • ICT for Airfreight Management • Port centric ICT System • E commerce in Warehousing • RFID in Logistics •Trade & Transport Electronic Single Windows •Technologies and Trends •Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation of Supply Chains

  • SCPD-07

    Service Operations Management •Introduction to Service Operations Management •The Service Concept •Customers and Relationships •Managing Customer Expectations and Perceptions •Managing Supply Networks and Supplier Relationships •Designing the Customer Experience •Designing the Service Process •Measuring, Controlling and Managing •Driving Continuous Improvement

  • SCPD-08

    Business Logistics Management •Global Demand and Supply Strategies •Logistics Strategies •Implementing the Strategy •Developing High Quality Logistics Systems •Inventory Management •Sourcing Materials and Services •Key Management Models •Sustainable Logistics




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