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Food Supply Chain Security – What is SG 30 by 30 & what is its impact on supply chains resilience?

Food stockouts, disruptions in supply, hoarding and empty supermarket shelves. We have seen all this happening in the last few months during this COVID-19 pandemic and this has reminded all of us how important a safe and secure food supply chain really is.

CILT and CargoNOW will be discussing this very relevant issue with Mr. Jackie Goh and Mr. Chew Chee Bin where we will look at:

- The increased need for food safety (from the point of view of contamination)

- Real life examples of how COVID-19 has affected meat plants around the globe, as well as container availability; and steps to overcome this

- Challenges closer to home especially with the growth in demand in supermarkets and simultaneously challenges related to lack of manpower

- Singapore’s Position: the SG 30/30 vision

Please join us in the 3rd Webinar:

Full 1st CargoNow Webinar Recording:

Full 2nd CargoNow Webinar Recording:


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