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Future Skills for Next Generation Supply Chain Professionals

An impactful webinar on “Future Skills for Next Generation Supply Chain Professionals” was organized by WiLAT Sri Lanka on 17th of March 2022. The session was initiated by Professor of Kelaniya University, Renuka Herath (Vice-Chairperson – membership development) via delivering a powerful welcome to the audience of university students. Her welcome speech was basically focused to introduce CILT International, CILT Sri Lanka and its sub-forums including WiLAT-SL and Next Generation-SL. Then, lecturer of CINEC campus, Thisari Ediriweera (Executive Committee Member of WiLAT-SL) demonstrated the process to follow to be a student member & the benefits of being a Student member plus an MILT member. The specialty of the webinar was the guest speech of Chief Executive Office of Talent Bridge (Pvt). Ltd., M.N. Prabath [ICS(UK) MBA(PIM-USJ)]. Through his speech, he highlighted few practical examples in current & past shipping industry & supply chain companies to emphasize the skills set requiring for future supply chain professionals. The session was ended up with an interesting Q & A session and the thanking speech from Lecturer of CINEC campus, Thisari Ediriweera.


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