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Leading with Empathy

WiLAT SL concluded a successful webinar on “Leading with Empathy” with Mrs.Dilmini Weragama, General Manager-Supply Chain, Atlas Axillia, Hemas Group.

The aim of the webinar was to retrace the value of empathy in our daily and professional lives as it seem to be a value that everyone is neglecting knowingly or unknowingly. In her terrific delivery as an experienced leader and also a mother, Mrs. Weragama emphasized what empathy is exactly about, and how it should be embedded in our professional and personal lives in order to enhance the team spirit which leads to increased productivity of organizations, in overall.

The webinar was attended by mixed audience from corporates, university students, Global WiLAT and CILT international community members which showed their interest and the timely value of the topic of the webinar.

The recording of the webinar is now on all social media platforms of the CILTSL and can also be accessed by following this link:


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