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New WiLAT Nigeria Chairperson Khadijat Ifelola Sheidu Shabi

Khadijat Ifelola Sheidu-Shabi is, by first calling a Pharmacist and by second, an Environmentalist (She is degreed in both). She is a woman with strong Managerial and quality Leadership Skills, with an eye for details. She is an excellent Strategic Planner, an Analyst with unimpeachable integrity (She proved these qualities as She successfully handled the WiLAT-DAY Committee as the Chairperson for three (3) consecutive years with her team, i.e 2015-2017).

She works presently as the Assistant General Manager (AGM) Environment with the HSE department of The Nigerian Ports Authority. Prior to this, she worked as the Senior Manager, then promoted to Principal Manager with the Medical Department of the same Authority (NPA)

She became a Fellow of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) in 2019, this is the peak of Pharmaceutical Profession in Nigeria and she is a member with the Association of American Pharmacist (APHA).

Her attendance of several Managerial and Professional courses/seminars both Local and International, as well as her years of working experience at various disciplines has positioned her with the readiness to tackle and handle successfully, any stiff-necked tasks assigned to her.

She is ever committed with passion, any task given to her as a good team leader. Pharm. Khadijat Ifelola Sheidu-Shabi (FPSN) is married with children.

She now occupies the seat of Chairperson, Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) Nigeria.


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