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Target Setting for Women's Leadership: Deep Dive for SMEs

In order to drive meaningful and accountable action for women’s leadership, target setting is key. But for small and medium sized companies, additional considerations come into play. Where do you get started if your teams and budgets are limited? Is it really necessary to draft various onerous policies? Which KPIs can you put in place without having to invest in expensive data systems? And how do you make sure your efforts remain meaningful if your operations and workforce happen to grow?

This session successful concluded on 26th January 2022, with solutions to the all of the above questions. Gayathri Karunanayake Amilthan the WiLAT Global Vice Chairperson - South Asia and the WiLAT past chairperson Sri Lanka 2020/2021 was a part of the panel and shared great insights. During the session she shared different approaches taken by several leading companies as well as the progress towards ambitious targets set.

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