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WiLAT Malaysia Corporate social Responsibility (CSR) collaboration

The collaborative programs of WILAT Malaysia, ILB CILTM, HRD Corp, and Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia, together with teachers, parents, and students at SK Batu 14, Tapah, have emphasized entrepreneurial and mentoring values. They focused on developing soft skills such as time management, organization, hygiene, packing, and competitive cooking. The event was officiated by Dr. Kamarazaman Yacob FCILT, who serves as the Chairman of CILTM Pahang Section and also holds the position of Head of Industry Linkages for WiLAT Malaysia. 

The cooking competition was judged by WiLAT Malaysia’s Chairperson, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Jessica Ong CMILT, and Mr. Mohamed Ramadan bin Mohamed Yusof, Head of Region Central Legacy HRD Corp. Furthermore, an entrepreneurship session was led by Mdm Sharifah Salwa Abu Bakar, CMILT, Head of Secretariat CILTM. Other attendees included Dr. Jimisiah Jaafar FCILT, CILTM Treasurer, and Ms. Noor Fathiah Othman CMILT, Secretary of WiLAT Malaysia.

Additionally, a session on sports programs for a healthy lifestyle was conducted. The preparation of 200 pax food (mee goreng, kue teow goreng, and cucur jagung) was efficiently managed by WiLAT Malaysia Inspire Kitchen (WMIK) with their dedicated team. Parents, teachers, and students also participated in the food preparation, creating an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation. We extend our gratitude to WiLAT Malaysia, Industry Lead Body CILTM, HRDCorp, Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia, and SK Batu 14 for their collaboration in this event.


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