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WiLAT Malaysia Penang Section

Personnel from the Junior Logisticians Club, LogM Women, AK Academy, AK Shipping, and SJAM AK Academy Corps (AK Corps) participated in "A New Year's Morning Walk for a Healthy Start 2024." The 6 km walk highlighted the importance of motivation, leadership, mentorship, and empowerment. Prizes, sponsored by AK VENTURES BERHAD, were presented by Log. Amy Ooi PKT PJM, Immediate WiLAT Malaysia Past Chairperson, WiLAT members, Log. Ranni Selvaraju PJM, and Log. Safia Jamal. The presentation was attended by Prof. Logistician Chang Kah Loon, Chairman of CILTM Penang Section and other key personnel. 6 Jan 2024.


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