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WiLAT Malaysia Penang Section: International Women's Day 2024

1 March 2024, Penang. In honor of International Women’s Day 2024, Assoc Prof. Ts. Dr. Jessica Ong, CMILT, Chairman of WiLAT in Malaysia; Ts. Amy Ooi, FCILT, Immediate Past Chairman of WiLAT in Malaysia; and Log Eunice Chang, Vice Chairman of WiLAT in Malaysia (Northern) cum Chairman of WiLAT (Penang Section), shared a memorable gathering with practicingorganized logisticians at X-Press Feeders, AK Shipping, and AK Academy in Penang. WiLAT Malaysia (Penang Section) organised the aforementioned gathering, and our Prof. Logistician Chang Kah Loon, FCILT, Chairman of CILTM (Penang Section), graciously participated.


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