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WiLAT’s Got Talent 2015

“WiLAT’s Got Talent 2015” was successfully held on April 11, 2015 (Saturday) at Chiang Chen Studio Theater of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was a joyous evening and well-attended by over 100 audience including practitioners, students and friends. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Honorary Patron Ms. Pansy Ho and event sponsors making this event successful. Sponsors included Shun Tak – China Travel Ship Management Ltd., HAVI Supply Chain Solutions,Logistics Link Limited, Pacific Air Limited, Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, Hon. Frankie Yick and Dr. Dorothy Chan. We do look forward to their continuing support in the years to come.

“WiLAT’s Got Talent 2015” is the first and the only talent show organized for the Logistics and Transport industry. It offers an opportunity for practitioners and students in industry to demonstrate their artistic talent and be recognized by the industry. During the show, contestants and performing guests performed a wide variety of arts, included singing, dancing, Tai Chi, zither and piano.

The judge panel was comprised of 6 professionals and industry leaders and they are: – Mr. Warren MOK, Tenor and Artistic Director of Hong Kong Opera; – Mr. YAU Shing-mu, JP, Under Secretary for Transport and Housing HKSAR; – Prof. Enoch YOUNG, Emeritus Director of HKU SPACE; – Dr. Dorothy CHAN, International President CILT 2013-2014; – Mr. Edward LAU, CEO of Jetstar HK Airways Limited – Mr. James LOUEY, Commercial Director of KMB. Their comments to the contestants were valuable and appreciated by all.

A special appreciation was given to Prof. Enoch Young who performed a beautiful song for us; and Ms. Tse Shan Shan and Twinkle from S.W.C.S Chan Pak Sha School who performed zither and group dancing as guest performers.

The 5 prizes were awarded to the following contestants: – Best Originality & Creativity Award, Mr. Alan Wong (TURBOJET); – Best Entertainment Award, Mr. Ricky Leong (CILT Macau); – Best Aesthetic Appeal Award, Agalia Yip and LogisticsLink Tai Chi team; – Best Audience Appeal Award (voted by audience with decibel calculator), Mr. Fei NG Yuk-fei (KMB); – Best Artistry Award, Mr. Raymond Chan (TNT)

Winners of the above awardees was also presented a Sasa gift set. Other contestants were presented with Hong Kong Opera concert tickets, KMB private studio for song recording and 2 hours singing voucher with Mr. Sam Hui.

The fascinating performances was the most joyous way for WiLAT HK to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and we look forward to this signature event to be organized in 2016!

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