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WiLAT SL holds mentor-mentee evening

Women in Logistics & Transport of Sri Lanka (WiLAT SL) organised a mentor-mentee evening for mentees who enrolled for WiLAT’s ‘Ignite’ mentoring program in November 2018 at the National Chambers of Commerce Sri Lanka boardroom under the discussion topic ‘Finding your mentor and nurturing the relationship for the long haul;. 

WiLAT SL Chairperson Gayathri Karunanayaka CMILT briefed the mentees on the ‘Ignite’ mentoring program and reiterated the importance of making the best use of this program which gives the mentees direct exposure to the eminent mentors from the industry with sound professional background, experience and qualifications.   

WiLAT Co-Founder and Advisor Gayani De Alwis CMILT also shared her experience and encouraged the mentees to engage with their mentors and obtain maximum benefit from the ‘Ignite’ program which is also being followed in other countries under the WiLAT banner globally. Gayani further stated that it was evident that the mentees who were part of the ‘Ignite’ program once entering the corporate world were performing exceptionally well and had a head start to their careers. 

The session was concluded by a Q&A forum where mentors namely Niroza Gazzali, Priyangani Jayasundara and Dr. Renuka Herath also exchanged their experiences and ideas on how this program could be further enhanced to add value to the logistics, transport and supply chain industry and encouraged the university undergraduates to actively involve in programs of this nature. 

The flagship event ‘Ignite’ is scheduled to take place in early November and WiLAT SL will be calling for applications to enroll the new batch of Mentees under the WiLAT Ignite program for the sixth consecutive year. WiLAT has groomed over 125 young mentees and h

as contributed immensely to the development of these young undergraduates to enter the sticky floors confidently in this highly male dominant logistics and transport industry.  

WiLAT is the women’s forum of Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport. The main objective of WiLAT is to promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport. WiLAT is part of an ever expanding global network within CILT. 

The global launch of WiLAT was held on 3 June 2013 in Sri Lanka during the CILT international convention. Currently, WiLAT is present in 20 countries with over 2000 members in the global network which is expanding rapidly. WiLAT Sri Lanka is one of the five pioneering fora of the global network and was established on 21 March 2013.


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