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WiLAT SL to Support the Generation Restoration initiative of the UNs to mark World Environment Day

WiLAT SL Organized a special program on the topic Reimagine, Recreate, Restore to mark United Nations decade for #GenerationRestoration this World Environmental Day – June 05, 2021! For the second year running we mark world Environmental day midst of the covid 19 pandemic. As we seek to move from crisis to recovery we must take deliberate steps to improve human health and health of the natural world because we know that many of the challenges we face stem from the degradation of our land, our soils, our water bodies, our forests and our oceans.

Mr. Achala Arunalu – the facilitator at the event, presented an impactful and insightful presentation on growing environmental concerns and how WiLAT as a professional body can make a meaningful impact on restoration initiatives. Achala began Reforest Sri Lanka in 2015. Together with hundreds and thousands of other volunteers’ he takes part in tree planting initiatives in 130+ locations in Sri Lanka. He also carries out numerous automation initiatives for the government, including policy reviews and legal work pertaining to environmental conservation. Achala enlightened the audience on business economic systems, human civilization and consumption of natural resources, bio diversity, success of conservation efforts, importance of centralized colonization, tech centric platforms to make data available and collaborative efforts with the government and legal bodies to help in the journey of restoration.

The session was moderated by Mrs. Amra Zareer – Vice Chairperson Branding and Sponsorship, WiLAT SL. Amra highlighted the ecosystem restoration plan of WiLAT Sri Lanka and how they will be aligning their vision with Global WiLAT, as sustainability is a core pillar in WiLAT’s agenda. She stressed on WiLAT’s aim to prevent, to halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems by leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle in a way possible to all of us and urged the audience to be the change agents in this initiative.

WiLAT SL Chairperson, Mrs. Niroza Gazzali on behalf of WiLAT Sri Lanka pledged to partner with Reforest Sri Lanka and other environmental bodies to work on a sustainable plan for ecosystem restoration. Niroza together with her EXCO and CILT council pledged to plant and nurture 1000 trees as a symbolic act and a first step towards WiLAT’s long-term commitment to the United Nations’ decade for restoration. Niroza also calls out to the environmental enthusiastic to join hands with WiLAT SL on this long but fulfilling journey ahead.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Indeewari Chandrasekara. Indeewari thanked all environmental leaders, youth voices, the CILT council and membership - local and international for joining the event and for being an engaging audience. In her closing notes she requested the membership to actively partake in this initiative.

WiLAT is the women’s forum of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and is part of an ever expanding global network. WiLAT is considered as a live wire of the institute. The main objective of WiLAT is to promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport among women. Currently WiLAT is present in 29 countries with over 3000 members in the global network which is expanding rapidly. WiLAT Sri Lanka is one of the five pioneering fora of the global network and was established on 21st March 2013. WiLAT membership is open to all women working in public and private sector and in academia in the areas of logistics, transport, supply chain and supporting functions in organizations. WiLAT Sri Lanka forum is expected to provide a platform for women engaged in the industry to maximize their true potential both professionally and personally WiLAT Sri Lanka since its formation in 2013, has played an active role in promoting gender diversity in the logistics and transport sector through value enhancing activities.

Speaker – Achala Arunalu, Founder Reforest Sri Lanka


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