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WiLAT Sri Lanka Holds the Strategic Planning Workshop

Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) SL, conducted a Strategic Planning workshop for the newly elected Executive Committee for the year 2021/22 on the 3rd of July virtually adhering to the safety guidelines in the new normal. The Chairperson of WiLAT SL, Mrs. Niroza Gazzali steered the session laying the foundation and the year plan in brief. Her objective would be to drive WiLAT SL under the 4 strategic pillars, Leadership, Empowerment, Mentorship and Entrepreneurship with due focus on sustainability led by the three Vice Chairpersons of WiLAT SL.

WiLAT Global Chairperson Gayani De Alwis also addressed the forum spelling out the key objectives of WiLAT Global and was appreciative of the fact that WiLAT SL has aligned their goals to Global WiLAT. Gayani mentioned her key priorities would be focus towards, growing members, increasing the global reach, developing partnership locally and globally, drive capacity building whilst promoting sustainability as a way of life. Furthermore Niroza also stressed on the need to conduct more value adding offerings to the membership in order to have a significant growth in the membership.

Gayathri Karunathilaka, the Global Vice Chairperson for the South Asian region and the Immediate past chairperson for WiLAT SL shared her agenda to also increase membership and create awareness about WiLAT in the South Asian region to bring together industry professionals and support talent and career development of women in the field of logistics and supply chain. Gayathri is focusing on launching WiLAT Stars to mark the 10th anniversary of WiLAT Global and will work closely with the teams.

The three Vice Chairpersons Dr. Renuka Herath, Maithree Attanayaka and Amra Zareer presented their strategies for Membership Development, Membership Services, and Branding and Sponsorship respectively.

Dr. Renuka Herath, Vice Chairperson – Membership Development stated “The Membership Development team is looking at possibilities to attract new members and retain the existing membership by redefining the value creation CILT has to offer. She is focused on enhancing the flagship event Ignite and bring out the true essence of mentoring and she is also paving the way to launch Ignite Next. Her pillar will focus on carrying out workshops and webinars to help our membership in key areas that would benefit both their professional and personal lives.

Maithree Attanayaka, Vice Chairperson – Membership Services will work towards enhancing career success across all levels at corporate. Her team will also organize road shows, workshops, field visits to make a significant difference to our membership. Maithree will also focus on developing essential skills and carrying out mental wellness programs to support the silent challenges faced by people. Maithree and the team will also roll out Entrepreneurship under their pillar via various indicatives focusing on same.

Amra Zareer, Vice Chairperson for Branding and Sponsorship will align with the manifestos of Membership Services and Development to position themselves as a unique professional body and will work hand in hand with the teams to collaborate and position WiLAT SL. She has come up with a comprehensive strategy to take WiLAT SL to the next level with an exciting branding and marketing strategy in place. Her team will focus to increase their digital presence to position the brand and create more awareness to support the overall growth of WiLAT. Amra and the team will also lead all CSR initiatives for WiLAT SL and will focus on driving Empowerment through awareness programs, forums and publications.

Exco member profiles were presented by Indeewari Chandrasekara giving an introduction to each member on their back ground, work experience and contribution to WiLAT SL.

Vijitha Weerasingha, Hon. Treasurer presented the membership status and the forecasted budget for the year 2021/ 22. The strategic planning workshop conducted by WiLAT enabled to pin down the key areas with strategies, goals and objectives for Membership Services, Membership Development and Branding and Sponsorship with the overall goals of increasing membership, value offerings and benefits to the CILT membership platforms. Dr. Priyangani Jayasundara, Hon. Secretary for WiLAT Sri Lanka summed up the session along with Assistant Secretary Kaushani Perera.


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