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Women Professionals on the Rise Despite Lack of Recognition in Sri Lanka

I feel gender should not define what you want to do and should not limit your aspiration – Gayani de Alwis

Global Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) Chairperson, Immediate Past Chairperson Chartered institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Sri Lanka, Founding Chairperson and Advisor WiLAT Sri Lanka and Board Member Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce Sri Lanka (WCIC), Gayani de Alwis can be characterised a woman of power who does not like to segregate men and women and define them based on gender.

Logistics and transport is considered a male-dominant, female-unfriendly industry. However, the perception is slowly changing with many universities now offering more programmes in this field and also forums like WiLAT creating awareness on career opportunities available and mentoring young women.

She says, “Gone are the days that the industry required more muscle power. With technological adoption and digitalisation more opportunities are being created for women to enter this industry. Digitalisation is a great equaliser for women. Although our industry has approximately three per cent of women, through the work WiLAT have done, we have been able to increase female members of CILT to 21 per cent which is quite an achievement.”


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