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Workshop on “How to Create a CV & Face an Interview” – WiLAT Sri Lanka

Project "TRAVERSE", an initiative of the Branding & Sponsorship Committee of WiLAT Sri Lanka organized a workshop to educate the members of project "Traverse" and the mentees of WiLAT Sri Lanka on "How to create a CV & face an interview". It successfully commenced on the 22nd of November 2022 from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm at EFL Headquarters.

Dilmini Weragama (CMILT), Vice chairperson of Branding & Sponsorship conducted an interactive session on facing an interview with confidence & Indeewari Chandrasekara (CIMA, MILT) instructed the mentees on making a CV that stands out.

Both Dr. Priyangani Jayasundara (CMILT) - Hon. Secretary of WiLAT SL and Executive Committee Members Amali Mudunkotuwa Mendis (CMILT) & Sahana Vithanagama (MILT) joined the session sharing their insights & encouraging young participants.


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