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How Long Can Colombo Port Remain a Regional Transshipment Hub?

Sri Lanka should push harder than ever to transform itself from a decades-old regional transshipment hub to a global hub for cargo and logistics at least after being welcomed as the Vice-Chair of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) for 2021-2023 last Thursday (17).

Global Women in Logistics and Transport WiLAT Chairperson Gayani de Alwis, who was the Moderator at the event, in her remarks mentioned that although this pandemic is a crisis situation, this crisis has created many opportunities for Sri Lanka in the maritime and logistics space. One common factor in SL’s past 70+ years of existence with successive governments, irrespective of their party lines is that they have identified SL’s strategic location and had the aspiration to make SL a maritime and logistics hub.

“We need to make this aspiration a reality with concrete plans and focused actions. In light of the global trade shifts that are happening with relocation of manufacturing hubs with near shoring to improve resilience in supply chains, Sri Lanka needs to play our cards right to tap into these evolving global supply chains in order for us to transform ourselves to make use of this golden opportunity to realise our maritime hub status aspiration, she added.

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