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Women of Influence Award on 10 Nov 2017

The Women of Influence Award is signature event launched by the American Chamber in Hong Kong. The Women of Influence Committee promotes professional women’s leadership and aims for gender parity in the workplace in Hong Kong and in greater China.

With a Panel of 30 judges, the Committee received 170 nominations for 9 awards. Dr. Dorothy Chan was nominated under the individual category award and was awarded Leading Women on Boards, 2017. Dorothy is currently sitting on various boards in Hong Kong and including 2 listed companies, Government Committees and a Research and Development Company set up by the HK Government.

In delivering her thank you speech, Dorothy mentioned the importance of professional development and dedication. She also pledged to use her best endeavor to promote diversity and equal opportunity and while she was receiving her award, she was thinking of the bigger WiLAT family.


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